Can Pillows be used in Home Decoration?

Can Pillows be used in Home Decoration?

Pillows are usually linked with bedroom, night and sleep.

But get over this conventional concept. These days in room transformations, accent pillows play an active role. They give instant, and appealing makeover to the space in a budget-friendly way.

So what are these accent pillows basically?

These are the alternative solutions to cushions, which can be either mixed with cushions, or used alone to give decor a marvellous makeover. They are designed in various colors, infinite patterns and a variety of fabrics to give you enough options to experiment with the look of the decor. They can also be called decorative pillows which don’t allow the monotony to settle into your space.

They add a dash of colors, vibrant prints and exciting style to the decor so that it doesn’t look dull anymore.

But, how would you know which accents pillows you need?

It is very easy to find them and then align them in the right arrangement to brighten up your house. They come in amazing color combination and beautiful pattern to enliven space dramatically. Seating in your lounge area, or the boring corner of room, luxury can be infused to any nook of the house with accent pillows.

So here’s a guide to deck up your space using decorative pillows.

One pattern-One solid


This is the basic yet most impactful combination. It involves a solid bright color or a pale neutral color which goes well with rooms that have a basic white or cream backdrop. These types of pillows may also have a single solid shade or one pattern to bring some elements into the room.

Bold pattern-Subtle Pattern


If you are more of a person who admire creativity, then patterns are what you need to invite in your room. As bold patterns might overwhelm you, so keep things elegant by incorporating subtle patterns too in between.

Primary colors   


Beauty doesn’t need to be defined in certain shapes only. Sometimes colors are enough to express yourself. You are free to choose between various primary colors, mix them all to make your own personalized seating arrangement. These colored accent pillows will add freshness to the patio.

Floral Bloom

Flowers never go out of fashion. They can be a part of your interior at any time of the season and keep the freshness of the house intact. Go for floral pillows in lighter shades of pink, blue, green or orange to create a sophisticated and inviting setting.

Trending Themes

If you pull out a coordinated and harmonious look, then go for theme bases accent pillow. They can evoke an exclusive sparkle in your room. There are geometric themes, mosaic themes, abstract themes, ethnic themes and much more waiting for you to explore and live.


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