A Guide to Buy Wallpaper like a Professional

A Guide to Buy Wallpaper like a Professional

What is the most affordable, convenient and fast way of revamping the walls?

You guessed it right. Through wallpapers. They look super stylish and give a dramatic makeover to the room in no time. For cheap and instant home remodelling, there could be nothing better than room wallpapers. Their high demand worldwide within few years is a proof that they are widely accepted and appreciated by people.

But what makes them so popular? Well, they have amazing features like easy to stick, variety of patterns and styles, innumerable colors, impressive textures and easier to remove. Since they come in an enormous variety thus there is something for everything. So let your imagination run on the walls of your home, and office to feel good in a place you spend most of your time.

If you’re a beginning in wall covering shopping, then we have a handful of tips for you.

  1. Never compromise on the quality of the wallpaper material. If it gets easily torn, or stretched then it is not worth money.
  2. Make sure you buy a thick wallpaper as it won’t get tear easily even when it is wet. Read the product features carefully to know the thickness of the wallpaper.
  3. The most important thing is there should be consistency between the match and batch number of the product. Only these wallpapers are genuine and lasting.

Variety of Wallpapers in the Market

  1. Textured Vinyl


This type of wallpapers has a textured appearance and looks good when it is printed or painted with designs. They are suitable for walls that are either damaged or cracked.

  1. Embossed

thick-european-3d-wallpaper-luxurious-floralThese wallpapers have raised imprinted designs. They have an amazing texture and look really good on walls. But you need to take a precaution while applying them, otherwise they might flatten.

  1. Flock


This type of fabric is created by binding the fibres together in various types of patterns. Though they give impressive look to walls, but still they are less preferred since they are bit expensive.

  1. With Lining

lineThis the plain version of wallpapers which comes with a lining. Their purpose is to support the designer wallpaper, and hence need to be used before applying the artistic wallpaper.

  1. Vinyl

text vinyl

This is a printed PVC which comes with a paper at the background. It is highly preferred by the homemakers since it is very easy to clean, need low maintenance and interestingly can be used for bathrooms and kitchens as well.

Points to remember while Buying a Wallpaper:

  • Measure the dimensions of the room precisely to reduce the wastage of the standard roll. Further it will help to give neat and smart look to the walls.
  • For areas like bathroom and washroom, prefer washable vinyl wallpaper as they are waterproof.
  • With light wallpapers you can give your room a spacious appearance, while with those that have big prints your room can have a smaller, cozy appearance.
  • For creation the illusion of a featured wall, use damask wallpaper.

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