How to Buy a Duvet Cover?

How to Buy a Duvet Cover?

The trend of adding duvet to bedding has become more acceptable in India now. They are treated as beautiful additions to the bedding ensemble that don’t just enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bed, but also add comfort to it. But they can contribute in accentuating the grandeur of the room only when they are dressed well.

Talking about the duvet covers, they come in huge variety. There is an eclectic range of colors, prints and patterns for duvets covers in the market. Since this variety is quite exhaustive, you might feel clueless about which one is worth your investment.

There are many factors that need to be considered while buying a duvet cover, like the quality of material, how effective it is in providing protection against dust mites and insects, price, etc. Let’s have a look at the important factors in detail that must be given importance to buy the right duvet cover.

  1. Filling:

Duvet can feel good to you only when it is well stuffed and filled. There are many different types of materials like down feather, synthetic and wool that add fun and luxe feel to the duvet cover.  Many assume that anything with down filling will feel softer and warmer. Don’t be under this impression as the softness and comfort level of filling depends on the fill power. More is the fill power, softer the cover will feel to you.


In case you have budget constraints, and can’t afford the down filling, then you have the option of spending on alternative fillings as well. Just make sure you are not allergic to the material you are choosing. There are many natural and synthetic filling options that imitate the fluffiness of down, and yet are hypoallergenic.

  1. Construction

There are many types of duvet constructions for which you need to take out time and study. Explore them to get a better understanding about each one of them and make a wiser buying decision. Depending upon the construction, the comfort, warmth and price of the cover varies. Thus it is necessary to know what are the main types of constructions and how they affect the duvet functionality.

For instance, sew through construction is superb for duvets in which sides are pinched together to produce a great finish. This method makes the construction really simple, light in weight, warm and yet affordable. For people living in warm climate, duvet covers with sewn through construction are superb.


Another good option you have is baffle construction which involves the usage of various bands of fabric to create soft inner walls and hence keeps the down at one place. Baffle duvet covers are bit expensive, but with the kind of warmth they deliver, the price is worth spending.


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