Paint Your Home in Shades of Purple

Paint Your Home in Shades of Purple

Colors always work when the monotony eclipse takes place in your home ambiance.

Though there are many tempting shades in the color platter that can brighten up the living space, but recently purple became the talk of the town. As per the sources, purple and many shades of it are highly preferred these days by the home designers. In this blog post, you will come across many shades of violet and ways through which they can be used to revamp your decor.

  1. Subtle Lilac

Against the plain white walls, the lilac work of art on curtains will make a subtle impression. It is a lively color with a hint of pink in it.


A whiff of freshness you can capture instantly in any room of your home through shaggy rugs, or a pair of nice cushion covers, dipped in the flavor of lilac. Against white backdrops, this shade simply does wonders, and give your interiors a professional touch.

  1. Dreamy Mulberry

A royal empire you need to simple rule and live your way is incomplete without the goodness of mulberry. This luscious, dreamy shade carries an enigmatic spark to bewitch the onlookers.


Grab mulberry bed sheets to set up an affluent ambiance in your bedroom. Compliment the look with the purple orchids on the bed side table. Bring some light shades of green as well to exude a sense of relaxation.

  1. Cheerful Magenta-Plum

Set a contrasting backdrop in the living space by bringing together two impactful shades-plum and magenta. Plum is a restful shade that balances the brightness of lively magenta.


This combination works when used in decor accessories like carpets, cushion covers, or duvet covers. To pull out a harmonious look. You can even use wall coverings in these striking shades.

  1. Luxe Raisin

The lavish lifestyle you have been trying to imitate is possible through this deep wine color. The richness of this raisin shade looks better on the floor, or on your bedding.


So get a soft rug, or printed bed sheet in this color and enjoy the difference it makes to your decor. To pull out the look professionally, you can even add decor accessories with a hint of this color.

  1. Pleasing Iris

If you feel there is need to calm down the energy of your home then try out the soothing iris. Relieve your stress and weigh down the tiredness of entire day in the realms of this relaxing shade. It feels soft on eyes, yet is impactful in applying strokes of freshness to the room. Buy iris hued cushion covers, curtains and wall papers to make the entire space lively.


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