Different Flooring Options to Deck up the Space

Different Flooring Options to Deck up the Space

If you look back at the ancient history, you will be bewitched  by the magnificent carpets that used to adorn the floors of royal empires. They were rich in colors and known for their brilliant craftsmanship. From then the trend of adorning the floors has started and till now it is in practice. It is imitated by the interior designers while doing home makeover projects.

But now it’s not anymore just carpets available as floor dressings. Instead, there are many other alluring options available too, like shaggy rugs and soft durries. They all are unique in their own way and help to stylize floors with an edge. But, which one is better? How to choose the best for your home?

To answer these questions, you need to understand the difference between different kind of floorings first. We have made it really simple to get basic understanding of carpets, rugs and durries in this blog. Hope you like it.


It is generally made of wool or fibres and helps to cover the complete the floor area. They are in fact sometimes used to decorate walls as well. Dominating designs, and superb artwork of carpets are known from ages to make a room look more inviting and creatively designed. On the floors, they don’t just put some impressive craftwork, but also helps in adding comfort to them. Further, carpets act as sound dampeners.


  • They could be woven, tufted, knotted, knitted, handmade or needle made.
  • They increase aesthetic value of floors, while making them comfortable to relax.
  • They act as great insulators, and hence could be the best place to rest your cold feet.
  • For trying a new look, use carpet from wall to wall, and enjoy the bliss.
  • They hide the flaws of your floors, making your place look inviting once again.




Small pieces of wool yarn or synthetic yarn are known as rugs. They are utterly soft, and make your floors feel heavenly. Unlike carpets, they cover a certain section of the floor only. But due to their small size, you can easily transport them to anywhere. They come in a vivid range of beautiful colors to emphasize any piece of your furniture, or even the dull nook of the living space. Kashmir is well-known around the world for its sumptuous woollen rugs.

  • They are patterned, soft and luxurious. Thus, they have a prominent role in lending the room a lush touch.
  • They carry their own grace to every part of the house. So brighten up any dull part of room with vibrant rugs.
  • The hard and rough surface of the wooden floors can be made comfortable with rugs. Further, they give protection from scratches and stains.
  • Don’t worry about the dents and blemishes of your walls as rugs can hide them too gracefully.




Durry is a classic floor covering to give your home a vintage look. It comes in a variety of fabrics like, wool, silk, jute and cotton. Since durries don’t have the jute back, they can be used from either side. They are used as partial floor covering, as decoration of tables, base of flower vase and many more.

  • They are light in weight, and thus are easy to fold and port.
  • They are low in maintenance and don’t get easily infected.

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