Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics in the Market

Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics in the Market

By the name of upholstery, mostly people start thinking of the covers, beautiful fabric or leather envelops. But the furniture upholstery is beyond all these terms. It is not just limited to the surface beauty of the furniture, or about the striking cover pattern. In fact, if you have ever noticed, inside your chair or sofa you will find many hard padding, spring and wedding, these unglamorous things actually constitute the upholstery. Designed from coconut husk, steel, horse hair and coarse burlap, they create the backbone of the upholstery.

Likewise, there are many other materials that help to design a quality upholstery.

Confused? Don’t be. In this post, you will learn about the variety of fabrics that is used in upholstery designing.

  • Chenille

Chenille Upholstery fabric

This soft surface of chenille pile is the inspiration behind its name. This is the French name which stands for caterpillar. The extra weft threading gives this fabric a distinctive edge. It has a casual feel and hence is best for comfortable pieces like sofa, children furniture, recliner etc. But, it can also look good on printed side chairs and traditional seats.

  • Cotton

Cotton furniture upholstery

Cotton furniture upholstery is the blend of cotton with polyester, linen, nylon or other synthetic material. While cotton being a breathable and natural fabric lends comfort, synthetic materials lend the durability to the furniture. So, overall cotton upholstery will have added strength, great texture, and resistance against wrinkles. The best cotton upholstery has cotton in the range of 40-60-%.

  • Jute

Jute upholstery fabric


This is the most commonly used upholstery fabric majorly produced in India and Bangladesh. Earlier, the role of jute was in rope and matting. But, now it has found a new role in modern’s day rustic accent pieces. You will find many pouf ottomans, stylish cubes and other seating have a rough textures due to jute that goes well with wood and leather decorative pieces.

  • Leather

Leather upholstery is much in demand and high in price. The texture and quality of leather furniture upholstery depend upon the grade of leather used in designing.

leather upholstery fabric nirmals

There are mainly five types of leather materials that are used for upholstery manufacturing, namely faux leather, corrected grain leather, full grain leather, split leather and correct grain leather. Full grain is of highest quality made of animal hide and if you are looking for eco-friendly leather, go for faux leather.

  • Linen

white line upholstery fabric


Linen is made from flax and is an amazing natural fiber. It has a smooth, lustrous appearance along with durability and resistance against moths, abrasion and pilling. Often it is used along with cotton to provide greater elasticity to the furniture. Best examples of linen upholstery include parson chair, tufted arm chairs and traditional dining chairs.

  • Polyester


It is a high performance synthetic fabric which works well with tandem and natural materials such as cotton and wool. Polyester upholstery furniture have superb strength, resistance against fading, wrinkling and abrasion, in addition to ease to clean it. Other advantages of polyester upholstery is it pills less when used in conjunction with polywool.

  • Velvet


This is the luxurious fabric which is well known for its think, shiny appeal with short pile. It has a sumptuous texture which is made of natural and synthetic fiber and varies in quality depending upon what kind of material is used in designing. As compared to above materials, it is difficult to clean. Mostly people admire velvet for its rich color and comfortable texture and hence becomes a good choices for statement pieces where dramatic look and hi-end luxury, both are required.


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