Things you Need to Know for Buying Curtains

Curtains are very common in any home decor. Apart from giving privacy, they have a big role in home decoration. Only with the right choice of curtains, both the functions can be served.

Things you Need to Know before Buying Curtains

For making your interiors appealing, it is not always necessary to spend on expensive furniture and decoration accessories. There are other ways of radiating the decor as well. One easy and cost effective way is by using draperies. Sheer, cotton, plain, printed, digital, blackout and there are many options on the list when we talk about the variety of curtains. Usually, for buying curtains, their prints and colors are considered by the buyers. Some who are concerned about the maintenance might introspect their materials as well.


Though it is true that the visual appeal of curtain do have a role in enhancing the home ambiance, but it is not the only thing that matters. There are lot of many other factors, like the texture, material, color, print, length, style etc that need to be considered in curtain shopping. You need to pay attention to each ones of these factors to make your decor look more inviting than before.

Before you start shopping for curtains, there are many important things that you need to know to avoid any mistake in the buying process. Start your shopping by knowing the latest trends of curtains. The major categories of curtains include readymade, pencil, voiles, blackout, customized, table-top, and pinch pleat. Now when you know the variety of drapes available in the market, have a look at other important aspects of buying a curtain.

  1. First of all think of the dimensions, and theme of the room you intend to decorate with curtains. For instance, if you are buying curtains for your big living area with big windows, then go for layered window curtains. On the other hand, for bedroom buy curtains with colors and themes that induces sleep, or set a restful ambiance. Similarly, in case of kitchen you need to go for blinds which are easy to clean and gives more life to buys space.

2. The right mix and match of colors and patterns is another essential factor. When the color of your curtains blends well with your existing decor theme, only then you can expect a beautiful change in your room. For this reason, you must consider the designs or colors on your walls, carpets or furniture to have a rough idea about the kind of curtains you need to buy. Choose a focal point from your room to be more specific. For instance, if your focus is bright colored walls in the room, then buy curtains within the range of these colors only. Otherwise, you can go for statement curtains and accordingly change the theme of your room for an entirely new decor.

3. Fabric of curtain is determined by the room you intend to decorate, and your lifestyle. Like, cotton is a versatile and low maintenance fabric and hence is suitable for all kinds of rooms and lifestyles. On the other hand, sheer curtains are good for living areas and not for bedroom since they don’t give enough privacy. Thus, considering your needs you can choose the fabric within your budget.

4. Though lining curtains come with benefits, it is not necessary that all curtains need lining. Lining helps to protect the fabric of curtain, apart from enhancing the overall look of the drapery by adding more volume to it. Thus, you will find lining curtains more appealing than non-lining curtains. Apart from that, lining curtains do have a role in insulation also. They keep the room temperature comfortable in every season.

With these tips hope you find it easy to buy the right curtain fabric for you.


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