Deck up Your Outdoor Furniture with Cushions

Deck up Your Outdoor Furniture with Cushions

Have you spent all the time and energy in decorating interiors?

If yes, then it is the time to give your outdoors a pretty makeover now. Often, patios in the garden area are left ignored. Just by adding stylish tables, lounge chairs, benches etc won’t help to create a soulful space in your outdoors. In order to create a garden area inviting and more entertaining, add a dash of colors through soft, mushy cushions in it.

It is a fact your garden area be turned comfortable as long as there is a bunch of cushions on it, that deliver extra cosiness and panache to the outdoor furniture. Apart from making the furniture luxurious, cushions bring a certain amount of glamour in the serene, green part of your home. Enchanting styles and designs of cushion covers lend you an appealing outdoor to greet your visitors, apart from giving you a pleasant view every morning.

So in short, your outdoor space is incomplete without cushions, and cushions are incomplete without cushion covers.

Tips to find right cushion covers for outdoor furniture:

  1. Type and Size:

Very first thing you need to do before buying cushion covers, is measure the dimensions of cushion pad that need to be decked up. It helps to get precise coverings, since inappropriate covers fail to bring the intended glamour on the cushions.

  • For chair seat, the width and depth of the seat need to be measured to get the cushion cover of right size.
  • For adding cushion on the chair back, take its proper measurement. Those who are planning to buy both seat cushion and its cover, they need to deduct the width of the seat from the length of the chair back cushion.
  • In case of chaise lounge, measure the width of chaise lounge cushion covers from inside the frame between the arms. You are also supposed to measure the length of its back and seat.
  • Similarly, in case of bench, measure its dimensions to buy the right bench cushion cover.
  • As wicker chairs come in unusual shapes and sizes, you need to take the dimensions of the chair carefully, before shopping wicker chair cushion cover.
  1. Fabric Materials:

For outdoors furnishings, special attention need to be given to environmental changes. In case of cushion covers, choose fabric which is resilient to water damage, stains and color bleeding. There is no deny in the fact that outdoor cushion covers go through more wear and tear, and hence choosing the best fabric for them becomes an important factor. Have a look at some ideal outdoor cushion cover options.

  • Polyester

This cheap fabric has good resistance against water and can dry up quickly. It has the potential to fight against mildew. Moreover, it retains its softness longer.

  • Acrylic

Again, it has good resistance against water and doesn’t loses its charm easily. It has antimicrobial properties, thus can give protection from mould and mildew.

Acrylic fabric cushion

Further, it can fight against stains which are more likely to happen in outdoors.

  • Marine fabrics

Marine fabric Cushions

These fabrics are waterproof and are designed using solution dyed acrylics. With a texture like canvas, they are tough yet comfortable and look really stunning on your furniture.


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