How to Use Carpets to Set Interesting Landscapes?

How to Use Carpets to Set Interesting Landscapes?

Among all other soft furnishings, carpets have become an important part of home renovation projects too.

In fact, interior designers find any home makeover project incomplete till they have incorporated a good piece of carpet in it. As hiring the professionals may got out of your budget, learn how you can make use of carpets to beautify the space.

But before that, let’s understand what difference a carpet can make in your home ambiance. It has been proved that the presence of a good flooring gives a room warm and inviting feel. The unique touch that you wish to give your living space is possible with fancy carpets and rugs. They both play a good rile in changing the look of your decor. There are bold patterns, rich colors and luxurious fabrics of carpets that help to give magical touch to your home.

Now let’s move to the varieties of carpets and how each one of them can help to alter your home ambiance.

  1. Textured Carpets

There are some home makers who want to experiment with the decor but in a subtle way. For instance, if you seek a variation on your flooring but not in terms of colors and designs, then choose textured carpets. They will make you feel different and new on your floors while giving your cold feet a soft embrace.

textured carpets for homes

They are helpful in making a space cozy and warm. Most popular varieties under this category include woven and ribbing carpets. You have the liberty of mixing the pattern and texture in floor carpets. It would reduce the chances of soils and vacuum marks, while adding a distinctive touch to floor space.

  1. Patterned Carpets

Those who are willing to take an extra step to experiment with their floorings, must try beautiful designs available for carpets. These are called the patterned carpets since they feature beautiful patterns and prints in different colors and styles.

patterned carpets by nirmals

There are floral patterns, animal patterns, geometric patterns, ethnic motifs and contemporary designs too. According to the theme of your decor, you can choose an ideal patterned carpet for your home in complementary shades.

  1. Custom Patterned Carpets

Though wooden flooring area is often avoided, but it needs the touch of your creativity too. You can make it look interesting and more beautiful with the help of custom patterned carpets.


They don’t just add a pop of color to the otherwise plain, boring wooden flooring, but also help to increase the durability of your floor space. By customized word you can understand that you have the liberty to alter the dimensions of the carpet to emphasize the particular area of the flooring.


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