Different ways of Beautifying Your Walls

Different ways of Beautifying Your Walls

If you are wondering how can you brighten up your walls, then wall coverings are the answer.

Over the time, walls get dust, dirt and patches which make you feel uninvited and embarrassed. To avoid such situation, go for various beautiful wall coverings available in the market. They have both protective and decorative roles to maintain the original charm of your walls intact for longer.

These days wall coverings are used in hotels, apartments, home, offices, schools and other institutions as well. They are designed to sustain various challenges posed by physical environment and hence are found with features like anti-flammability, tear strength, abrasion resistance and wash ability, stain resistance and scrub ability.

Some of the popular types of wall coverings and their distinctive features are briefly described below:

1. Acoustical wall coverings: They are designed for vertical surfaces, operable walls, panels, or any other place where noise reduction is the main concern.

acoustic wall coverings

Thus, for the meeting rooms, offices, theatres, auditorium, library, elevator lobbies, and corridors, these wall coverings are highly preferred. They are made of polyester and olefin fibres, and are well-tested for sound absorption feature.

2. Cork and Cork Veneers : They have a variegated texture and you will find them in some random designs and patterns. In other words, they don’t come in some defined style, and hence can set an interesting art on your mundane walls.

cork veneers wall coverings

They are designed from cork planks or blocks and later are laminated to a substrate which may be plain or colored.

3. Fabric-backed Vinyl Covering: It has either woven substrate of fabric, or non-woven synthetic substrate. In any case, substrate is fixed to a solid vinyl decorative surface.

fabric-backed vinyl covering

These wall coverings come in a category of Type I (light duty) vinyl, and Type II (medium duty) vinyl. Type I is used in offices, hospitals and hotels, while the latter one is used in high-traffic areas like lounges, corridors etc.

4. Natural Textile Wall Coverings: which are mostly laminated at back to increase the dimensional stability and avoid the adhesive from coming through to surface.

natural wall coverings by Nirmals

The backings are usually made of acrylic or paper. Textile on the other hand, are manufactured in a variety of widths and using various kinds of natural fibres. They can be obtained in various textures as per the need.

5. Polyolefin Coverings: or also known as synthetic-textile wall coverings come in both woven and non-woven forms. They are well designed to increase the aesthetic appeal of your walls.

synthetic-textile wall coverings

Apart from increasing the appearance, they protect walls from the stains and abrasion. They are put up with acrylic, or paper backing.


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