Decorative Accessories to Light up the Home Ambiance

Decorative Accessories to Light up the Home Ambiance

Just like you rely on some accessories to complete the look, your interiors too need some appealing decorative made-ups to look inviting.

When we talk about home accessories, we think of wall hangings, antiques, paintings, and so many furnishings. We just randomly pick the items we like in the thrift shop and still couldn’t find anything interesting in the home ambiance.

Any guesses why it is so?

Well, the possible answer is you are not picking the right stuff which is meant for your decor theme. Just like every accessory doesn’t suits you, similarly not every home accessory will suit your existing decor. You need to observe and filter out the right ones for you.

Let’s have a look at most popular decoration accessories which help to stimulate the home ambiance.

  1. Lanterns

There are many types of fancy lanterns in the market, but you need to choose only the ones with ethnic touch. Yes, the old, traditional lanterns have antique feel which are back in fashion.


They could be candle lanterns, metal lanterns, or paper lanterns. In any case, they would be a good source of artificial light which helps to remove the negativity from the surroundings. Place them in corner of the room, or other dark areas to brighten up the space.

  1. Wall hangings

Those big, huge walls of the room needs an artistic touch sometimes to give your decor a distinctive edge. So bring out the creative side of yours and put on some of the best wall hangings in your room.


They could be stylish, elegant or classy, anything that goes well with your personal taste. Talking about the types of wall hangings, they come in fabrics, iron, brass, jute and wood.

  1. Mirrors

The fancy, scintillating effect that you are missing in your home can be achieved through mirrors. They blend well with modern interiors. So if you seek a contemporary ambiance in your living space, get a gorgeous art of mirror work for your home.


You can use mirror decor pieces anywhere in the room like walls, centre table, or in the ceiling. There are types of mirror decoration accessories like round wall mirror, silver sunburst wall mirror, fusion colored wall mirror and centro white wall mirror.

  1. Photo frames

In childhood, you might have made many photo frames in your school art projects. Same you have to do now for your home renovation project if you are good in art and craft domain. In case you are not, no worries.


There are many beautiful photo frames in the market which will help you to enhance the beauty of your decor. They come in so many shapes, sizes and styles. Handmade frames are very popular as they give an exquisite touch to your space. For the sophisticated look, go for sterling silver and crystal photo frames.

  1. Lamp bases & Hanging bells

Yet another thing to lend an antique and charming appeal to your home is a lamp base. They can be placed in any corner of the room. You can get them in iron, leather or antique materials.


We can’t forget to mention about the wind chimes and hanging bells which look astounding on your windows and doors. The sound they create when waived by the air is so melodious to ears.


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